"Who Else Wants to Get Through the Gate Keeper, To The decision Maker, and Close The Deal Faster?"

And Then Use It To Create Profit,  Sell More in Less Time, and Build Greater Trust With Your Potential Client List...
Without Spinning Your Wheels On Wasted Effort.

From: Philip Wayman, Sherrie Benedict and Garth Wheeler
Date: Thursday 8:30 am

Would you like to build more credibility and do it faster to get past the gate keeper and straight to the decision maker? Do you want to build more trust instantly so your potential client recognizes that you are there to help them and not just take hard earned money out of their pockets? Are the advertising clients you want to add to your client list always looking for new ideas and providers of those new ideas to give them  the competitive edge?

How do we solve this age old problem? How do we help our customer's gain more customers as an advertising agent? Many businesses do not have the time or knowledge it takes to manage an advertising campaign. How do we get many of their potential and existing customers to connect and stay connected with them? A method was desperately needed that blended good old fashioned advertising with today's technology to get their word out. If we can help them improve their client base without it costing them or us a fortune then we too will have better customer retention and relationships.

And Then It Hit Me!

If we offered an affordable solution in a DVD that had credible information in it for a very low price then we could get past the gate keeper faster and straight to the main decision maker and close the deal faster.

Explain a sudden big breakthrough here that changed your entire way of thinking about this problem, and how it led to the product you're presenting now.


Instant Local Credibility

Instant Local Credibility is about teaching you how to create a marketing DVD that will help you build your credibility as an advertising agent, get straight to the CEO and close deals faster.

This DVD will help you instill confidence, gain trust, and build loyalty with the very businesses who you want to become their advertising agent. We will help you to not be another "Joe" just walking through the door. We will teach you how to become a legitimate co-author with Instant Local Credibility.

Think about what it would be like to have a DVD offering a goldmine of helpful and usable information to the end business consumer you want to gain as your full time client. Imagine the credibility it will build with your name displayed as the co-author.

We will provide for you and teach you step by step how to create and co-author niche specific and/or generic DVD's for creating and managing their own advertising campaigns.

You will learn how to take this finished DVD and how to get your local business to buy from you. It will become the first step to gaining trust to gain greater add on business with new and existing clients.

In these four live webinars you will get training on how to be the co-author, create the DVD's and use them as a tool to get past the gate keeper and build your credibility as an advertising guru.

Learn Everything In One Day:
The fastest easiest Way to get Credibility and make money in Local Marketing

Once you've completed your "Local Advertising Agent" training you'll easily know how to generate more money from your own agency.

We're going to setup our own products live (along with you) so you need to mark these dates down right now:

  • April 10 - 12 EDT
  • April 10 - 2 EDT
  • April 10 - 4 EDT
  • April 10 - 6 EDT

(Thursday at these Eastern time slots)...

You'll get the most out of this if you attend these private training sessions LIVE, but if you can't make it or you have to leave early, of course we'll provide you with the recordings (along with transcripts & screenshots of each and every session).

Module 1:

What if you create the DVD?  How to use your DVD when you have it. 

How to create instant credibility when you walk through a business door. Be someone that stands out in the crowd. Show that you are the authority or the authority you will become. What if you had 50 DVD's to cold call with? What if you could make a presentation to your local Chamber of Commerce and show them the presentation you have created? What would that do for you and your credibility with your audience? After you implement the steps that we will teach you, you will have this completed product to use in your marketing campaign. You will have the tool to help you to become the authority you always wanted to be.

  • Why we create a valuable low cost DVD
  • Provide downloadable links in the DVD
  • Build confidence in the products you offer to avoid buyers remorse
  • Building trust with your prospects so they will beg for more
  • Preparing a presentation using the prepared DVD.

I owned a brick and mortar business for over 7 years and enjoyed helping customers and vendors who walked in off the street. An author of book walked in and showed me his book. He said it would help me improve my business. I bought his book not because of the title or content of the book, but because the author was in front of me and I believed what he was telling me-after all, he was an "Author".

Module 2:
In this module we will explain what the DVD will contain and how it can help you gain trust and build loyalty with prospective clients.

This DVD will contain information available via download that will help you get in the door with your current and potential clients. It will also contain an introduction about you to your clients. It will instruct you how to add your own information making you the legitimate co-author and how to produce it in a cost effective manner.

As a sales representative for MCI  and a part of the top team in the nation we called on small to medium sized businesses all day long. What got us through many doors was that we offered a gift of $1,000.00 dollars worth of free long distance when signing a 12 month contract. It was that ability to offer something of value that got us the immediate attention of the decision maker and hence we signed many deals as a result and made a lot of money.

Inside Module 2, you'll discover...

  • Having a method to easily create a worthwhile marketing DVD
  • Being able to add your personal touch to the DVD
  • Creating a quality end product you will want to provide to your prospects.
  • Create points with your prospects and establish credibility.

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Module 3:
We will teach you how to create the DVD.

We will teach you how create the DVD using screen capture tools that are free or low cost. The main content of the DVD will be available from us to be used on the DVD. After adding your personal touch, you will get the feeling of voila that you have created a worthwhile product, and it wasn't even that hard.

  • Learning about screen capture tools to add your personal touch
  • We provide downloadable links in the DVD
  • Finding the words to use in your presentation
  • Putting it all together
  • Stand back and get the feeling of WOW.

"My DVD's are now Quick and easy to Produce at a Very Good Price"

"Up until now DVD's took time and commitment from my paid office staff and were very expensive, but now I get them quickly and at the right price."  -Ron

Module 4:

Group review with question and answer session about how to use what you have created

We provide a group question and answer session for everyone to participate and learn. Being able to ask questions in a group session is powerful. You are able to formulate and ask questions based on the input from other participants.

At this live group call bring your personal questions (or submit them ahead of time) and we'll stay live and answer any and all questions you might have. You'll get a recording of this member's only call even if you can't make it.

  • Reviewing the DVD contents
  • Learn how to implement the power from the DVD.
  • How to cold call using the DVD
  • Following up with your prospects after leaving the DVD
  • Participate in a group question and answer session
  • Draw from experiences and questions from other participants

A well rounded marketing plan focuses on creating attractive marketing content that creates demand and generates leads, resulting in a much more segmented and qualified contact list for you and your sales team.

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No longer be a human equivalent of junk-mail with your cold calling efforts.

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Thursday April 10, 2014
Module 3: How to create the DVD
Thursday April 10, 2014
Module 4: Question and answer group session
Thursday April 10, 2014
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